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Small Business Server

The Microsoft Small Business Server is exactly what its name would suggest: a server for small businesses. Companies that can’t afford more expensive and specialized solutions will find that the Small Business Server can more than provide for their basic needs. It has every critical application that you would expect a business server to have: Exchange, SQL, File Server and much more.

Nowadays small businesses are increasing in productivity much more rapidly than they were a few years back. It is with this in mind that Microsoft is building the SBS latest editions. Small business servers have become a necessity for every small business out there that is trying to stay competitive it its market. The advantage that the Microsoft SBS brings to those who can’t afford more is that it simply lifts them off the ground and points them in the right direction.

The SBS features have been continuously improving over each new version coming out. The SBS ‘Essentials’ is quite promising for smaller businesses that do not need the administrative overhead of managing and maintaining backups.

However, although the Microsoft Small Business Server offers quite a lot of value for its price, you still need to keep in mind that there are also risks involved with adopting this economic solution. Should there be an issue with the server, you are at the risk of not having any redundancy or guarantee of no downtime.

So before you are going to purchase the Microsoft Small Business server you should first weigh in all the pros and cons and make an informed decision. If server uptime is critical to your business then you may want to go with another solution, a multi-server one. However, if you have a small business looking to get pointed in the right direction then you should definitely consider Microsoft’s Small Business Server.

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