Exchange Server

It’s hard to imagine today’s business world without the possibility of sending and receiving emails. Now is the best time to take full advantage of this very efficient and cost effective means of communication. But along with the changing business world, so did the expectations of the people changed. Employees will no longer want just to send and receive emails. They may also want to have access to online calendars, access their emails globally or send attachments to their online contacts.

The Microsoft Exchange Server is designed as a complete package that provides the features and security that employees require. The Exchange Server does not only meet those requirements but it also exceeds them. So besides being able to keep the messaging system secure from viruses, security threats, Trojans, etc. it is also a very affordable solution that companies with very limited budget can afford and benefit from.

There are many features that you could expect from the Exchange Server. Here are just some of the most important ones. A very important security feature is the built-in protection. This way all of the viruses and spam emails that come your way will be automatically detected and dealt with. This feature is also able to build a secure and private communication link within the company, all without spending any extra funds. As you can imagine by now, the Exchange Server is extremely reliable.
Another extremely important feature that the Microsoft Exchange Server has is the global availability. What this feature means is that your employees will be able to access their email from everywhere in the world.

Although extremely secure and comprehensive, with the Microsoft Exchange server emails are easily accessible through a Web browser. You also get access to a scheduling assistant, support for unified messaging controls and the option to make your attachments WebReady by converting them into HTML format.

The ActiveSync feature is especially useful for employees who need to travel a lot. This feature can push emails, faxes, voice mails, calendars and contacts to a mobile device the moment they are downloaded to the server.

But perhaps the best feature that the Exchange Server brings to the table is the increased efficiency. The management tools and enhanced productivity features that this software boosts are simply amazing and no company whether big or small should go without an Exchange Server.

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